A CPA’s New Year’s Resolutions

A CPA’s New Year’s Resolutions

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A CPA’s New Year’s Resolutions

After the final October filings, “tax season” turns into the “holiday season” for most accountants—a chance to loosen ties, close a few Excel tabs, and start planning for the year ahead. The busy tax season begins in February, and by March, our loved ones have once again forgotten what we look like.

That’s why now, during this calmer time of reflection, we try to take a minute to think outside the box—no, not one of the W-2 boxes—and create a list of New Year’s resolutions. Here’s what we have planned for 2020:

  1. Finally clear off our desks. I think they are mahogany, but who can say anymore?
  2. Limit travel mugs and to-go cups to a maximum of two at the office at any given time. Wisely invest the money I’ll save by washing the cups I already own, instead of just buying new ones.
  3. Try out a new type of exercise each month. The eye twitch from April 1-15 does not count.
  4. Contact friends and family members with late winter/early spring birthdays or major life celebration events and ask if we can reschedule for “sometime this summer.”
  5. Implement hip new titles on our business cards. “Money whisperer,” “doctor of dollars,” or “bad ass-et” all seem like good conversation starters.

Our team here at BJM wishes you and yours a peaceful holiday season. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2020. And remember: Whatever you resolve to do in the year ahead, keep the receipts!

Neal Bach, CPA

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